(Blade Of) Carlstedt Motzer Torn

WMUH is pleased to present an evening of exploratory experimental musical innovation with (Blade Of), Friday, April 26, 2024, in Egner Memorial Chapel. Advance tickets are free with an active Muhlenberg ID and $20 for general admission. Doors are 7:00 PM with music at 7:30 PM.

(Blade Of) is an experimental, improvisational trio made up of guitarists David Torn and Tim Motzer and drummer Jeremy Carlstedt. The evening will consist of a solo performance by David Torn followed a set with (Blade Of).

King Crimson biographer Sid Smith says of their work:
“Collectively, Torn, Motzer, and Carlstedt create a cinema of the interior in which the attentive listener is enclosed. Narratives twist back in on themselves in an instant, spiking into unseen spaces. Their soundtrack is as loud as mountain thunder, as quick as a precious thought through thin air.”

Their debut recording, The Flowering Am, is available on 1K Recordings.

Ahead of this evening the trio spoke with General Manager Paul Krempasky about collaboration, improvisation and more. The interview is below.

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