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Stuff We Dug in 2020

The WMUH staff was asked the come up with their five favorite things they heard from this past year.

Click on a name to see a list and comments.

Alegra – Afternoons with Alegra

Dua LipaFuture Nostalgia 

Ariana GrandePositions

DarlingsideFish Pond

Dolly PartonA  Holly Dolly Christmas 

H. E. R.Hold On (Single)

Chris – Mid Day Melodies

The BatsFoothills

Bob NannaCelebration States

Bob MouldBlue Hearts

Laura MarlingSong For Our Daughter

Fontaines D.C.A Hero’s Death

Ian – The Dude Ranch

Free RadicalsWhite Power Outage, Vol. 1
Clever and apt sociocultural commentary. And sick beats.

Fleet FoxesShore
Well-rounded and explorative

Thunder and RainPassing in the Night

Lake Street DiveMaking Do (single)
Relatable, fun and connecting.

The Buttertones Jazzhound
A progressive and upbeat “smooth”alternative.

James Mills – The Mosh Pit

Chubby and the GangSpeed Kills

The DamnedManipulator

Cat Like ThiefNoise

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine
Tea Party Revenge Porn

Dr. FeelgoodYou Can’t judge a Book by Looking at the Cover

Josh the Radio Pirate – Pirate Radio After Dark

LoatheI Let It In & It Took Everything
Everything but the kitchen sink ended up in beautiful chaos.

Boston ManorGlue
A heavy pop representation of the mess that 2020 was.

Lo TomLP2
David Bazan and company at their most frustrated. In a very good way.

Touché AmoreLament
A thinking mans hardcore band at its very best.

Bring Me The HorizonPost Human: Survival Horror 
A creepy all too real pop record from mainstream heavy.

Syd – The Other Soundtrack

Ludwig Göransson – Tenet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Theo KatzmanModern Johnny Songs: Songs in the Age of Vibe

Ludwig Göransson – The Mandalorian Season 2 Vols. 1 & 2

Hayley WilliamsPetals For Armor

Various Artists – Soul (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Troy – Monday Mornings with Marlena & Hardcore Hootenanny

Bob DylanRough And Rowdy Ways
The artist with nothing to prove is still proving it. A 16:55 minute single? Sure why not. Brilliant.  

Dua LipaFuture Nostalgia  
The best pop/dance record of 2020 with fantastic production. Put on some headphones and start dancing. 

Run the JewelsRTJ4
Killer Mike and EL-P bring the noise. Listen. Repeat. 

Paul Weller On Sunset
The Modfather looks back in a Village Green Preservation Society style with the hindsight of an older man. 

Fiona AppleFetch The Bolt Cutters
The record everyone was talking about this year lived up to all the talk. At times uncomfortable, melodic and biting. Fiona brought it all. Treacherous beauty.

Zach Matthews – Organized Noise

Robert HoodMirror Man (Rekids)
I love it when Rob puts out a release on record labels other than his own, because he always tries to make something with a vibe that fits the imprint. 2020 was a year of introspective head-twisting techno, of which Mirror Man was no exception. The lack of vocals was a real change from the recent sound Hood have been championing, and I personally found it refreshing and expertly executed. 

DVS1 Beta Sensory Motor Rhythm (Axis)
When Jeff Mills opened his Axis Records imprint up to outside producers I was excited to see who he would deem worthy of a release. DVS1 is amongst my favorite Dj/producers, so I was beyond happy to see his name included in the list. Beta Sensory Motor Rhythm is his first ever full length artist album, and it couldn’t have found a better home. This release is comprised of eight hypnotic rollers that focus more on introspection than on hands reaching for the strobes. I expect it to be a staple of my show for a long long time. 

SkudgeTime Tracks (Skudge)
Skudge has been a staple of Organized Noise since its inception. Time Tracks is the (now solo act’s) third studio album. This one is stripped back, and really leaves room for the hi hats, chords, and reverb to float around. All of these tunes could go off early doors or at 4am when only the real techno heads are left. Skudge never misses, and this is yet another example of why I always find time for his releases on my show. 

AutechreSIGN (WARP)
You never really know what you are going to get with Autechre. Their most recent releases were a dump of past recordings, made up of IDM grinders that focused more on rhythmic erraticism than actual melody or structure. SIGN manages to keep much or the same erratic nature but forgoes all percussion in favor of strange melodies and unsettling atmospherics. Autechre managed to be as unpredictable as ever by continuing to challenge their listeners but in an entirely new way. This release continues to grow on me with each passing listen. 

OVERMONOEverything U Need (XL)
The Russell Bros never disappoint. Everything U Need offers four post rave tracks that could all have stood on their own, if released as singles. If it were not for COVID, and I am sure night clubs would have been ringing with the strange vocals of “Clipper (Another 5 Years)” across the globe. Copies of this EP sold out in minutes, which is just further evidence of why artists like Aphex Twin and Thom Yorke are clamoring to work with these guys.

Zeke – To Be Determined & The Download

GorillazSong Machine
Despite much chaos, hope and connection.

Tom Misch & Yussef DayesWhat Kinda Music
Soul-jazz-dance-pop: IMMACULATE vibes

Mise en Scene Winnipeg, California
Step 1: Listen to “High School Feeling”
Step 2: Try not to cry
Step 3: Cry a lot

Mac MillerCircles
One last goodbye from a dear friend.

Lianne La HavasLianne La Havas
Reflections on love and the self.

Paul – Sine Qua Non

A Certain RatioACR: Loco
A jazzy post-punk funk pop bop.

Fontaines D.C.A Hero’s Death
Dark. Brooding. Thoughtful. Powerful. Purposeful.

John Foxx and The MathsHowl
Early Ultravox. Early Foxx. Currently brilliant.

OHMMEFantasize Your Ghost
Proggy pop with harmonies for days.

Kelly Lee OwensInner Song
Blissful beats and Cale to boot!

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